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More ServicesSetting up an office-wide email system requires a lot of expensive infrastructure. Securing the initial capital to set up an email system is often a challenge for small businesses, and you might not even know where to start. NetAdmins takes the hefty initial investment and the stress out of setting up your network.

For a flat monthly rate, we provide email hosting, calendars, and instant messaging for your entire team. Along with managed hosting in the Maritimes, we also offer ongoing support and maintenance, and affordable small business web hosting.

Atlantic small businesses don’t have to worry about the risks of storing valuable data on site. We take care of it all, safely secured in our offsite hosting servers.

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Paperless Document Management

Entire rooms filled with paper files are becoming a thing of the past as companies discover the convenience and cost savings of digital document management. A paperless office might still be a dream for your organization, but NetAdmins can help make it a reality. You’ll never again root through mounds of paperwork. Instead, your documents are saved inside a powerful and flexible management platform. It’s easy to maintain and easy to search.

NetAdmins not only provides the technology and infrastructure to go paperless, we also help you establish new business practices to adapt. We carefully analyze your business and recommend best practices for paper use and flow.

You’ll conserve time and materials and drastically reduce your company’s environmental footprint.

Not ready to go 100% paperless? We’re happy to help you get part of the way there.

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Technology Roadmaps

Whether embarking on a new IT project or simply getting your basic IT setup off the ground, it’s often difficult to know where to start. NetAdmins not only points you in the right direction, we design a comprehensive three-year plan, guiding you to exactly where you want to be.

NetAdmins will execute your IT project with accuracy, dependability, and with Microsoft Certified partner resources. We begin by evaluating your current business processes, network structure, and assets. If you don’t already have a business plan, we’ll help you develop one at a high level. Then we work with your organization to develop a clear and concise action plan.

We emphasize the importance of bringing in the right technology at the right time. First we’ll help you catch up, tackling certain key technology needs each year, as your budget allows. Once your technology is back on par, we’ll enable you to reach the other goals set out in your technology roadmap, giving you a competitive advantage in your industry.

Our comprehensive IT consulting service means your IT plans are no longer just your issue—they are ours as well. We work with you on an ongoing basis to reach the destination on your technology roadmap, designing sustainable solutions along the way. When a project is finished, we’ll even train your team.

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Enterprise Architecture

As technologies go on to revolutionizing the marketplace; organizations seek for flexible enterprise architecture to stay competitive. With the right type of enterprise architecture, the companies can respond quickly to the changing market conditions. They can reach customers in new ways and scale on demand to meet new requirements.

Enterprise Architecture is considered as the blueprint for the optimal placement of the resources in the IT environment for the ultimate support of the business function. The main aim of enterprise architecture in Saint John is to create a unified IT environment across the firm or all of the firm’s business units. Precisely speaking, the goal is to promote alignment, standardization and reusing of existing IT assets and sharing the common methods for project management across the organization. The result is that the enterprise architecture will make IT cheaper and more responsive.

At NetAdmins, we work with clients to develop a modern IT architecture that enhances their business performance, driving revenue, flexibility, and speed. There are several suggested frameworks to develop enterprise architecture.

Benefits Of Enterprise Architecture

With NetAdmins solution for managing enterprise architecture, you can:

  • Deliver business results by aligning IT structures with business objectives and processes
  • Improve governance with a holistic approach and by enforcing compliance controls more effectively
  • Enhance flexibility with an enterprise architecture
  • Step up innovation by enhancing transparency into the IT domain

To conclude: designing the optimal enterprise architecture not only requires a clear sense of what the organization demands, but of what the organization has in existing technologies and how they add to business activities.

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