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Managed ServicesNetAdmins provides enterprise-class IT services & tech support to Atlantic businesses of all sizes.

The Managed IT Service plan is NetAdmins’ premier service offering. It is more than an IT support service for Atlantic businesses; it’s a business technology partnership. We become a vital appendage to your team as we ensure all of your business IT systems are available to you when you need them. You can count on us for quality service right on time. You receive all the benefits of a full-time Atlantic computer technician, but with better availability and quicker response times – for a fraction of the cost. Our experts are well-seasoned and all have a minimum of five years’ experience, so they can swiftly address any IT support problem or question.

With the use of remote-control technology, simple software issues can be resolved without delay. It’s as if the engineer were standing next to you. Our help desk technician can see exactly what you are seeing, so they can quickly troubleshoot the issue. Your questions can be answered at the speed of thought.

When your company signs up for one of our Managed Service plans, you’ll receive our signature Technology Roadmap service – a three-year IT plan, designed to help you meet your business goals. We’ll also take on your vendor relations, so you no longer have the headache of determining who will give you the best rates, or whether your current providers are delivering all they claimed.

Virus protection, IT security audits and data backups are all included. For a flat monthly rate, you avoid unexpected costs from IT tech support emergencies. On average, our managed IT service plans cost only 2/3 of what you’ll pay in the traditional break-fix cycle. We are 100% confident that our Managed IT Service Plans will save you money.

In short, these managed services can help in solving problems within a brief time. When it comes to getting the IT plans for your office or for commercial purpose, you need to have a fool proof plan. At NetAdmins, we provide an excellent IT plan exclusively available in Saint John, Fredericton, Moncton, & Halifax regions. We have the team of expert IT who can provide you with the best plan for keeping your business running as smoothly as possible. We can help right from when you are pouring the foundation to a new building, adding Wi-Fi access points, or just managing a current environment. Contact us for a custom quote today!

Fully Managed IT Service Plan:

The Fully Managed Service plan is your best hedge against IT disasters. Our Atlantic tech support team provides unlimited on-site and remote support for your organization and users. We maintain your servers and proactively eliminate errors and issues. We will prevent downtime so you and your employees avoid the costly hassle of system interruptions.

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We monitor the Computer, Network, and Internet resources of your business to keep everything running smoothly. With our toolset, you will get the maximum usage of your current equipment before you need to update. When that time comes, we will help you plan your growth.

Server Maintenance

Most tasks can be performed by one of our experienced support staff remotely. No travel time involved! We look after the details so you can keep running smoothly without having to hire a full time, on-site System Administrator. We support a full range of physical and Virtual Servers from the oldest to the newest. Of course, we handle all types of updates as well to keep your operation running smoothly.

Server and Firewall Updates

You need to keep everything in balance when you update or upgrade. We have the experience to keep everything running with the minimum downtime for Servers, Switches, and Firewalls. This saves you both time and money by doing it right the first time.

Anti-Spyware Updates

Hackers will use the latest tricks to infiltrate your network. Can you afford to have your business contacts and data stolen? Keeping your defensive tools current and your users trained is the best way to maintain a safe environment! (In case of breach, see Backup Management below)

Windows and Microsoft 365 Updates

Knowing when to update is just as important as keeping your systems up to date. With NetAdmins, you don’t have to worry about an update breaking part of your system. We can ensure patches are tested before they are applied. Avoid frustrated users and downtime.

Server Management and Maintenance

Updates, Patches, and changes can keep a company busy. Let us manage your server to save you the frustration of having to do it yourself. Our technicians have years of experience, and a vast knowledge base ready to help at a moments notice.

Managed Security Services

To properly secure your network, you need to manage not only external and internal attacks, but accidental deletions and changes as well. Security covers protection in the way of firewalls, anti-virus software and user privileges on your network. Don’t’ get caught unprepared! If something unexpected does happen, we have you covered with proper Backup Management. (see below)

Exchange Server Maintenance

Older installations often include an on-site server for Exchange email. NetAdmins not only has the tools and skills to manage that, but we can also help transfer that on-premises server to Microsoft 365 Exchange server in the cloud. This can save you both money and resources. Contact us for more information on how we can help!

Backup Management

Gone are the days when you walked home a stack of CDs or tapes for your business and having to keep track of Grandfather / Father / Son sets of backup media. Although it is still a good idea to backup locally, the common option today is to use a disk array. This allows you near instant recovery of any lost or damaged files. However, the best is to combine this with Online (or cloud) backup. Both methods allow you to create a live copy of any server that allows you to return live from a failure in a very short time! Contact NetAdmins to discuss which options work best to safeguard your business.

Anti-Spam Filtering

When email first came out I thought, “No more junk mail.” Wow was I wrong!! Spam not only wastes your time reading and deleting, but it is also a security risk with fake links trying to steal your personal and business information. This threat is growing every year. NetAdmins can properly filter your incoming email to minimize your wasted time. This extra security gives you back time to spend on more important tasks. Like finishing that game of solitaire. ?

Online Backup

There are two main dangers in having a backup kept on your local network. The first is if there is a catastrophic failure, such as a fire, electrical surge, or theft/damage. The other one is if you are hit with ransomware, and it also finds your local storage device. Having online or Cloud backup can give you that extra layer of protection for your data and servers that you need to keep your business going with the minimum of downtime. Being down for two weeks or more is not an option.

Unlimited Remote Support

As part of a Managed Support plan, we offer unlimited remote support. Every computer and server will have a client installed that allows us to instantly connect and correct any issues you are having. Zero travel time! Most items can be solved this way by our trained and friendly technicians and the large tool set / knowledge base we have access to. Changes to Computers, Servers, and network systems can mostly be managed remotely saving both of us travel time. When every second counts, you can count on us.

Unlimited On-Site Support

For those rare times we are not able to correct something remotely, we come to you! Installing and configuring new computers, servers, and other network devices. Let our years of experience work for you in saving both time and money. We offer the best plan for managed services in Saint John, Fredericton, Moncton, & Halifax. Contact us today for a quote.