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We will be posting instructions to help you navigate with “Nice to know” things that make your computer life easier. This can be anywhere from shortcut tips with your keyboard and mouse to things like adding a proper signature to your Desktop or Mobile email program.

These helpful tips will be short and to the point, but detailed enough so you don’t get lost trying them out. We will have not only text and screen shots but how-to videos as well.

When updates are happening, like moving from Windows 10 to Windows 11. You need a short list of what has changed so you can continue to be efficient and not waste time looking for how to do something simple that you used to do before.

This section is for you!! And if there is something you would love to see quick instructions on, drop us a line. It may be on our next page update!!

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NOTE: We are currently working on this section, so keep checking back!


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