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President Peter Smith has over years of IT expertise—his experience ranges from hands-on hardware repairs to architecting communications solutions for massive international companies.

NetAdmins was born out of his desire to return to helping people and making a noticeable impact on how small businesses operate day-to-day. He has since grown his team of skilled technicians and developed a base of clients, which he says, "become just like family." NetAdmins gives them freedom to concentrate on their business, instead of worrying about technology.


Address: 90 Paradise Row, Saint John NB E2K 4J5
Phone: 📞 1-866-638-2364
Fax: 📠 1-866-638-2364
Hours: Monday to Friday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Serving satisfied customers for over years.
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A - Architecture: of your future Technology Needs
D - Design: to bring your Architectures to Life
M - Monitoring: of your current and future devices
I - Implementation: of your current and future designs
N - Navigation: to Bridge the Gap between Business and Technology
S - Support: to keep your business running for a competitive advantage

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