5G technologies promise faster communications and data connections; you can also use them to increase business productivity. As 5G becomes more common, businesses must learn to leverage it to propel innovation and their operations to new heights. With that in mind, let’s discuss the many benefits of 5G technology for small businesses.

5G and How It Works

5G is the newest version of wireless communication protocols deployed by major telecommunications companies. 5G wavelengths operate on a higher frequency than previous protocols, meaning they can hold and transfer much more data in the same period, drastically boosting efficiency. This has significant implications for how you do business in the digital world.

How 5G Can Supercharge Business Productivity

Advances in data processing and transferring from 5G can give companies a competitive advantage. Below are just a few ways 5G is improving businesses of all sizes. 

Blazing Fast Speeds

5G speeds are nearly 100 times faster than last-generation 4G networks, capable of transferring a max bandwidth of 10 gigabits per second. These incredible speeds make 5G ideal for an increasingly digitally connected society in the modern economy.

Faster speeds allow for more business opportunities. For example, higher data processing paves the way for more complex applications involving artificial intelligence, and businesses can collect more data faster to fine-tune their product performance. 

Low Latency

Latency refers to the delay when sending a command with your phone and the receiver recognizing it. Older networks had higher latency, which consumed larger periods of time. 5G latency is significantly lower than in previous generations, meaning that devices can complete more tasks in shorter amounts of time. 

For comparison’s sake, average latencies for 4G networks were on the order of 60 milliseconds. In contrast, average latencies for 5G technology for small businesses hover around five milliseconds—nearly 12 times faster! That means less downtime and more productivity for your business. 

More Network Connectivity

One of the best productivity features of 5G is how its high bandwidths allow multiple connections to run simultaneously. This enhanced capacity allows for better network slicing, so businesses can segment and compartmentalize more of their operations without investing in separate physical networks. 

For example, think about how gig apps like Uber or Doordash connect individual users with drivers while giving them continual updates about the status of their orders. 

Enhanced Customer Experience

Another understated benefit of 5G technology for small businesses is how much it can improve customer experience. Research indicates that fast speeds and reliable network connections are extremely important for online shoppers. Many shoppers report that they will browse a brand’s website while they are in a physical store. 

Moreover, customers indicate that slow downloads and poor latency speeds can prevent them from buying from a business. 5G technology adoption allows fast customer communication, providing a seamless shopping experience that turns them from one-time customers to repeat customers. It’s a win-win.